Hello All,

In an effort to keep this blog updated, and show interesting information. I wanted to keep a running list of links that I thought might be helpful to keep your thumb on the pulse of the community and industry. Here's some of the first:

Introducing the .NET Framework Monthly Rollup: Currently the .net framework has been changing all the time due to it going open source, and recently it was announced that this is going to be a monthly rollup. This is really exciting information.

Should I use ASP.NET Core or MVC5? - Great article by Jeff Fritz about the pros and cons of moving to .NET Core and leveraging it. A must read for those evaluating it.

Questions about Azure SQL that you were too shy to ask? - Great primer on the basics of Azure SQL.

Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform Part 1

Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform Part 2

The above are a group of articles on the testing platform that give some great insight into the testing process which is always changing and improving, great articles together.

Look for these to happen on a weekly basis.